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Update-August 2016

Read the latest news and updates in the society newsletter.

Newsletter 2016 I

Also, please note that the 2016 edition of History Day is coming up on Sunday, October 2nd from 1-5pm at the Silver Mountain Station. More details to follow.


Update-April 2015

Here are some highlights from March 29th’s General Meeting.

The society just passed its second year anniversary of incorporation. We are growing and will continue to do so as the message gets out about who we are and what we do.

Our financial situation continues to improve as time passes and we become more stable. We currently have over $900 in the bank and are looking into an operating grant from the government that could see us receive approximately $900 to $1500 per year to cover our expenses.

Membership-A reminder that 2015 membership fees are now due. In response to several inquiries regarding an online registration form, we have now added the option of submitting fees via Paypal. Please visit the following link: Membership

Project updates:

  • Highway 593 Dedication-We are one step closer to see a portion of Highway 593 dedicated to the memory of Dorothea Mitchell. All the approvals from the local roads boards have been received and now it is in the hands of the MTO. They will let us know where the boundary of the dedication portion will be, along with any cost we will incur as a result of this project.
  • Historic Plaque-The society is still committed to erecting a historic plaque for Silver Mountain, but we are examining our options as the process is very time consuming and expensive.
  • North-Gunflint Lakes Historic Corridor-The preservation of historic sites in the area, the process of which was started in 2012, continues very slowly but progress is being made. The society is working with a cultural heritage specialist in Toronto and it has been decided that the first step must be an inventory and mapping of the area. This will require the assistance of a licensed archaeologist and some question has arisen as to where the funds will come from to pay for this work. We are looking into accessing funding from various government agencies as well as MNRF whose land many of the sites reside on.
  • Museum-Exciting news! Since our incorporation, the society has been examining options regarding the establishment of a museum at Silver Mountain. Last summer we learned that the City of Thunder Bay might be interested in divesting themselves of the CN Caboose, which currently sits at Prince Arthur’s Landing. After a number of emails, we met with Darrell Matson and Paul Fayrick from the Infrastructure and Operations Division who stated that the city needed to move the caboose due to the next phase of construction at the marina and there was currently no place to house it. There is also no funding or support to maintain it (it does need a little work). The next step is to make a deputation to city council to get their formal approval, which will take place on Monday, April 13th at 6:00pm. Anyone wishing to come and listen to the deputation is encouraged to do so.
CN Caboose, April 2015.

CN Caboose, April 2015.

CN Caboose, April 2015.

CN Caboose, April 2015.

Fundraising-To help fund some of our ongoing projects, we are looking at various options to raise some money. There were a number of ideas discussed at the AGM and we will explore them more in the future. In any case, we have added a donation area to our website where people can give whatever they can via Paypal. Donations can also be made in person at the station. Donate


  • High Tea-One of our fundraising ideas, which we hope will turn into an annual event, is a High Tea event to take place on Sunday, April 26th at 2:00 pm. All proceeds from the tea will benefit the society. Please spread the word and plan to attend. We will also be looking for some folks to help out, so if you’re interested, please let Dave or Shelley know.
  • Hymers Fair-Our presence at this long-running event will now become an annual occurrence. The experience of the past two years has been fantastic and has given the society a lot of exposure to the thousands of people who pass through the gates. We already have our booth for the 2015 instalment and it will be in a much more visible location.
  • History Day-We are already looking forward to the 4th annual edition of this event which will take place at some point in October. More information will be forthcoming.

Elections-The terms for our present executive were at an end and so voting was held to select a new board for 2015 through to 2017. All the nominees were acclaimed and there has been a slight shuffle in responsibilities and one new face on the board:

President-Dave Battistel                  dave@silvermountainhs.ca

Vice-President-Kyle Duckworth      kyle@silvermountainhs.ca

Treasurer-Shelley Simon                 shelley@silvermountainhs.ca

Secretary-vacant (current filled by Kyle)

Director-Elle Andra-Warner            elle@silvermountainhs.ca

Director-Jeff Benedict                       jeff@silvermountainhs.ca

Please check back regularly for the latest news and information.


Why not join us?

The society has been in existence for more than eight months and it is now time to expand and publicize our organization. While we do have a solid core of supporters, we are looking for more people to back our efforts. In addition, the financial contributions of members are critical components of our operations and projects.

Several society events are in the planning stages for this summer. A horseback ride along area trails is scheduled for the beginning of July. In August, the society is sponsoring the 2nd Annual History Day at the Silver Mountain Station. Please check back for more details as they become available.

The society continues to push ahead with two important historic projects in the area. Progress has been made in the Dorothea Mitchell Highway 593 memorial dedication-we hope to have some updates in the very near future. Efforts continue in the North-Gunflint Lakes Historic Corridor preservation, albeit very slowly. Other projects are in the works, and they will proceed as time and funds allow.

Please consider joining us. If you are already a member, please let your friends and family know about the society. Help us preserve history!

Dave Battistel

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